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Do you live on the wild side? Are you up to do anything outdoors? If so, Living Active is your number one connection to the outdoor world. Like our users, we are outdoor enthusiasts, spending as much time outdoors as we can.

Living Active takes a refreshing approach to the world outdoors. Living Active provides information in a way that will boost, enlighten and motivate users on the active outdoors. Living Active contains expert articles, tips on everything you need to create the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.  From extreme sports to camping, our experts share their enthusiasm for the gear they use and the places they play.

Living Active users live an active life, playing outdoors.  Our users engage each other by asking and answering questions from other users. Do you know the best place to go parasailing or do you have any advice for someone about to go skydiving for the first time? Share your expertise with other users, who love to live to the fullest. Ask a question before you have your next adventure and get advice from the people who live to spend time outdoors.

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